Coaching men and women that are feeling stuck, are in a transition period or simply want to make a big change in their lives and need support. Action based coaching that will provide you with the insight you need to alter your mindset, find and set goals that are realistic and achievable, guide you to find solutions, keep you motivated and on course, and ultimately create the positive outcome you seek.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

Get out of your comfort zone
Get unstuck, move forward
Face your fears
Build confidence
Create focus & structure
Make better decisions

Gain Clarity
Find inspiration
Find my purpose/talent
Find Motivation
Create your vision
Set realistic & achievable goals

Develop an action plan
Stop Self-Sabotage
Stop overthinking
Manage time more productively
Bring accountability
Experience breakthroughs

What others are saying

Marie has the insight and valuable wisdom that we often forget we need. She sees things that are missing in my life. And her delivery is direct, kind, and caring. If you are looking to move beyond a past relationship, grow from within, or grow your business…and are looking for a professional coach on your side, consider hiring Marie…I love her optimism and great sense of humor…
she is a positive force in my life.


I met Marie a few years ago and we instantly hit it off.  She is a fun person to be with, easy to talk to, and genuinely cares about others. She has a good grasp of what you you’re about and is always encouraging others around her. Because of her positive outlook on life, she lifts others up, choosing to see the possibilities life has to offer.  After spending time with Marie, you always feel better. Marie is always willing to help others and a great person to bounce ideas of off.  Marie is so well rounded–she brings enthusiasm, intelligence, a great sense of humor and boundless energy to everything she does.


Marie Gilman has been providing coaching and motivation for many years. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest from the trees, as we all undergo emotional stress stemming from many outside sources. This is the time we all need a little push. Sometimes a big push. Marie gives you that. She is loving, compassionate, understanding and most importantly relentless. She will not stop, will not give up until she gets the point across and sees you on your way to victory. The best ally in a battle for betterment you can ever have. When I was down, depressed and indifferent Marie helped me see that road less traveled, that thorny path on which to embark, the summit of my dreams obscured by the clouds of doubt. I strongly recommend this coach for all who seek to make it through and come out victorious. 

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